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If you’re thinking of having a Surgical Procedure, we have a Surgical Specialist standing by right now
to help you with a procedure. Call us now at 877-545-1972. Click here to schedule a consultation.

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With several convenient locations throughout Southern California, Encompass Surgery Specialists and Centers provide many alternatives to crowded hospital surgeries in a quiet, relaxed, serene and comfortable atmosphere. With a top professional staff, every aspect of the patient’s surgery day is attended to.  Find out why we are your best choice for Liposuction surgery. Call now!

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Today’s Liposuction is truly easy, safe, and more beautiful than ever

Liposuction is easy – Today’s liposuction removes as much fat as traditional liposuction without the “major surgery” or prolonged recovery. With Today’s in-office liposuction in our Surgery Center, patients remain awake and walk-in and walk-out. Most patients return to normal activity in 1-2 days.

Liposuction is safe – Today’s liposuction is done using only local anesthetic. This eliminates the risk of general anesthesia, which is associated with most serious liposuction complications. Today’s Tumescent Liposuction technique also minimizes bruising and bleeding.

Liposuction is more beautiful than ever – With the use of “Smart Lipo” lasers and smaller liposuction cannulas, Today’s liposuction allows for more precise contouring and promotes skin tightening. Smaller instruments mean smaller incisions. Today’s “micro” technique does not require sutures and leaves no unsightly scars.

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New Liposuction at Our Surgical Center

1. It’s less invasive.

Most areas of the body require only 1 to 2 tiny incisions. The cannula, or straw-like tool that is used to suck out fat, is only 2-3 millimeters wide – that’s about the size of a cooked piece of spaghetti. The incisions resulting from the procedure are barely noticeable after only a few weeks. Because the cannulas are so much smaller than the ones used in traditional liposuction, you won’t experience the unsightly scars that sometimes accompanied traditional liposuction.

2. It’s gentler.

When using the larger instruments in traditional liposuction, doctors generally make larger, more aggressive strokes while removing fat. Because Liposculpture at our Surgery Centers uses smaller cannulas, all procedures are performed with shorter, gentler strokes. Tumescent liposuction may take longer than traditional liposuction, but the procedure leaves minimal bruising and pain.

With today’s Liposuction procedures, you get the same results as traditional liposuction without all of the bruising and scarring.

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Liposuction at our Surgery Center

Liposuction at our Surgery Center is today’s new way to achieve the body you’ve always wanted: Easier and safer, our newer Liposuction procedures are just as effective as traditional liposuction, but without less complications, soreness, bruising, and scarring. Our Liposuction procedures also boost the collagen-producing agents in skin, leaving skin firm and smooth. Gentle and minimally invasive, you’ll be on your feet the next day, and enjoying your new body in no time.

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